Admit, not every woman can iron men's trousers so that the arrows on them remain for a long time. In our laundry, this problem can be easily dealt with. Are you in doubt? Then come to us and see for yourself!
For your comfort the recreation area is equipped with WI-FI and Internet access.
Sometimes, even experienced hostesses have doubts about the correct choice of the method of ironing linen from various fabrics. After all, sometimes it turns out to be so difficult to choose the mode of heating the iron, to determine the location of the ironing board. How to be? We suggest contacting to our administrator for help. He will share his experience and he irons any things quickly and efficiently.
This can be easily done from under a fur coat. This can be fast enough if they are impregnated with a hot iron with two sides (through a damp cloth).
The ironing in the Express Laundry can be done with following systems:
  • iron, ironing board,
  • steam generator,
  • ironer,
  • ironing machine.

Cost of services
(press, steam and ordinary iron)

10 UAH
apron, pillowcase
20 UAH
50 UAH
20 UAH
blanket cover
30 UAH
35 UAH
40 UAH
shirt, trousers
50 UAH